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Mary is out walking her two dogs on leash at her local park and in the distance she sees another dog owner with his dog. She becomes anxious. Both of her dogs are older and are very protective. Other dogs get them riled up, and not only put unnecessary stress on themselves, but on Mary as well. Mary attempts to divert her path away from the dog, but the other owner doesn’t get the hint. Barking, pulling, and growling ensues, and now the other owner is well aware of why she was trying to avoid them.


Nate's Point Dog Park - Balboa Park

First Impressions

It’s large, VERY large. Nate’s Point Dog Park is 2.3 acres which is more than enough space to handle even the rush hour crowd. Finding your own corner to play is no problem and walking the perimeter, like we did, was more than enough to get Kona some play time. However, Nate’s Point isn’t covered in luxurious grass; it’s mostly dirt since funding for the park is mainly donations. Kona was not bothered by the dirt and was even able to find some shade under a big tree at the far end.

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