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Nates Point Dog Park Nates Point Dog Park

First Impressions

It’s large, VERY large. Nate’s Point Dog Park is 2.3 acres which is more than enough space to handle even the rush hour crowd. Finding your own corner to play is no problem and walking the perimeter, like we did, was more than enough to get Kona some play time. However, Nate’s Point isn’t covered in luxurious grass; it’s mostly dirt since funding for the park is mainly donations. Kona was not bothered by the dirt and was even able to find some shade under a big tree at the far end.


Key Notes

Nate’s Point is now fully fenced and open 24 hours but the lighting at night is very minimal. The area isn’t the best, so I recommend bringing a friend. There is a water station and plenty of trash receptacles which aided with the park’s cleanliness.


One of the main drawbacks is parking. Balboa Park is right in the heart of San Diego and is always hosting events and festivities. With very little parking, street parking is the way to go and a little walk is a good warm up. Make sure to check parking signs as some metered spots are only free on certain weekend days or holidays.

Balboa Dog Parks Map

Side note: There are actually 3 dog parks within Balboa Park. They are Grape Street Dog Park (5 acres), Morley Field Dog Park and Nate’s Point.

The People

Most people were friendly or were just doing their own thing. Some of the regulars were congregated at the main entrance, which made for a rambunctious entry, but were very nice and dog loving people. We went on a Sunday and were surprised it wasn’t too crowded. There was a large event going on which may have deterred some of the locals.


Balboa Dog Park is spacious but the location isn’t the greatest and the convenience factor just isn’t there. This dog park definitely isn’t worth the drive from North County San Diego but is worth checking out if you are in the area. Based off other reviews, locals seem to like Grape Street Dog Park better even though it isn’t fully fenced. Look for a review on Grape Street Dog Park soon!

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