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Mary is out walking her two dogs on leash at her local park and in the distance she sees another dog owner with his dog. She becomes anxious. Both of her dogs are older and are very protective. Other dogs get them riled up, and not only put unnecessary stress on themselves, but on Mary as well. Mary attempts to divert her path away from the dog, but the other owner doesn’t get the hint. Barking, pulling, and growling ensues, and now the other owner is well aware of why she was trying to avoid them.


Simple Solution

A yellow ribbon. In the dog community, the color yellow is becoming a universal symbol to give owners and their dogs much needed space. By placing a yellow ribbon on your dog’s leash, having him/her wear a yellow bandana or vest, or using a yellow leash that states words to the effect of “I need space”, you are making it known to other dog owners that your dog is not social. The yellow dog project’s goal is to prevent scenarios, like the one above, from ever happening again. By bringing awareness to this issue, the yellow dog project’s hope is that people will become more considerate of other’s space and understand that not every dog is able to greet, or even walk near, other dogs.

It’s Not Just for Aggression

There are many reasons why a dog may not want to be approached by a person or another dog. Here are a few:Yellow Dog Project Info

    • I’m deaf
    • I’m blind
    • I’ve just been adopted
    • I get too excited
    • I’m in training
    • I’m recovering from surgery
    • I get grumpy
    • I’m shy
    • I’m old and tired
    • I’m not well
    • I’m in heat
    • I’m protective

As you can see, there are very different reasons why a dog may want to be avoided. Not all of them are because a dog is aggressive. Although owners may not know the reason for a dog wearing yellow, it is important that they become aware of the color and realize that it is in their best interest to avoid a “yellow dog”.

How to Show Your Support

KK9 Club supports the Yellow Dog Project. In doing so, we have provided links to products that will make it easy for dog owners to show that their dog needs space.

Feel free to check out their Facebook Page and support the cause. Spreading the word and providing support will go along way in making yellow a universal color for support and awareness.

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