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Our Story

Kona’s K9 Club got its start right here in the heart of San Diego. It was founded on the belief that all pets deserve love, attention and more time outdoors. At Kona’s K9 Club we believe that custom and individual care of every dog is the only way to ensure your dog gets the quality of life he or she deserves. We believe all dogs need the appropriate amount of socialization and exercise to lead happy and healthy lives. Most health and behavior issues arise from dogs not getting enough exercise, both mentally and physically. That’s why at Kona’s K9 Club, we will customize your dog’s service to ensure we achieve our mission!

Our Mission

To give dog owners the opportunity to provide the highest quality of life to their dogs when they are unable to be with them.

Our InspirationKK9-Club-AboutUs

Kona’s K9 Club got its inspiration from our own dog, Kona. Yup, you guessed it, that’s her on our logo. Kona is my business partner and has the responsibility of being our club mascot. Kona is a lively, energetic and spirited Siberian husky with a love for hiking, hunting and exploring. She loves her morning and night walks and is a happy and healthy husky because of it.

Our Club Leader

Hi Everyone! My name is Shannon and I live in North County and share my life with my sweetheart, Jason, and our Siberian husky, Kona. I started Kona’s K9 Club for somewhat selfish reasons – so I could spend more time with Kona and do the things I love: caring for dogs and being outdoors. I also came to realize that there is a huge need for dog owners to be able to give their dogs individual and custom care, provided by someone they can trust. Life can get in the way sometimes and that’s why Kona’s K9 Club was created, to give dog owners the opportunity to provide the love and attention all dogs have earned by being our loyal companions. I look forward to giving your dog the highest quality of life when you are unable to be with them. I also look forward to you joining our club!

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